Wholesale VoIP Termination

Short Duration Traffic

At AKA, we specialize in providing the support that short duration dialer traffic needs. We save you time and money by using redundant CLEC facilities and a cutting-edge switching system to deliver competitive pricing and high ASR’s.

The AKA network can handle both IP and password origination – delivering high CPS (calls per second). We bill in 1/1 or 6/6 formats and will create a unique rate deck designed to meet your specific needs. AKA supports both wire line and wireless destinations using SIP Trunking to the North American market.

We are the provider that will keep you legally compliant with daily updates to the NPA XXX footprint. Give us a try and see how we can make your life easier and your wallet happier!

Get up and running same-day!

Don’t wait to take advantage of these wholesale rates – capacity is limited! Give us a call and our team can get you up and running with your first $100 in traffic same-day.


Short Duration

  • Prepay Account
  • Traffic Requirements:
    30% ASR & 12 second ACD
  • Billing Increments: 1/1 or 6/6
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