September 29, 2016

ATTENTION! Low Price, High Quality Wholesale VoIP Termination

HUGE REDUCTION in your Wholesale VoIP Termination Costs
USA/Canada Dialer & Call Center Traffic

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You need better margins and better quality!

Making a profit by selling USA Dialer termination requires a high quality route at a good rate.  Paying too much for your termination service reduces your bottom line.  Purchasing poor quality termination servicecauses customer attrition.  Imagine how good it will feel when you can offer your customers great rates AND great quality!

The Solution:

AKA Management’s USA & Canada Dialer/Call Center Wholesale VoIP Termination Service is the answer.

You get full coverage of the entire North America footprint including Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, all Canada territories and Toll Free destinations.  We have variable LRN based call routing or DNS call routing with 6/6 billing increments.  The service is perfect for all call center and short duration providers. We provide outbound calls for dialer, political campaigns, mass notifications, and telemarketing companies.

Many customers love this product because of its super high ASR for a dialer route.  Put this product in your LCR and when your other vendors don’t complete your calls because they are out of capacity, this route will likely complete the call without costing an arm and a leg. Use this product in your LCR and when your vendors fail to complete your calls due to lack of capacity, this route will more than likely complete the call without costing an arm and a leg.



  • Most providers rate decks have hundreds of destinations that are not active.  Significant fraud can occur over those non-active numbers. AKA’s proprietary algorithms glean non-active and not in use numbers prior to all rate deck creations.  Additionally, each month we update the non-active destination list for all rate decks.  As a result, our customers receive some of the most accurate footprints in the market.  The benefit to this is that your risk of fraudulent traffic is greatly mitigated.
  • Our interface is intuitive, reporting real time balances, daily reports on call details and weekly invoicing. We provide our customers with CPS limiters and profit guarantees that protect your bottom line. Our pricing is very competitive and the best way for you to find out is to contact us, receive one of our decks for review and test out the services.
  • Our speed of service ranks in the 1% category in the U.S. We can have you up in running within an hour after agreements and payments have been made. Moreover, our active support team as standby ready to assist you in any call routing adjustments necessary for your quality of services.
  • Our Services Include:  U.S. and Canada SIP Termination, I.P. based authentication, SIP Trunking, Codec’s g711 and g729, LCR, Destination based routing, LRN billing, High ASRs & ALOCs, High availability of channels, Excellent CPS, Wire line and wireless destinations, 100% CLI, Large footprint, Variable billing increments, Online payment portal, Nightly statistics, Weekly invoicing,  Agent portal and Agent accounting.

Time Tested Industry Experts

We have been selling Wholesale VoIP Termination Services for almost 10 years.  We know what we are doing.  With nearly 50 upstream vendors, we have some of the least expensive yet highest quality rates available and have many satisfied customers.  Be our next one and experience the savings and great quality like everyone else we serve!

What our customers are saying

“AKA is one of our top vendors for Wholesale Termination.  They provide high quality routes at low prices.  A must have for anyone with large amounts of traffic”  (Clint)

“Adding AKA’s Wholesale Termination made the difference between being profitable and being broke.” (Shakure)

“I almost don’t want anyone to know about AKA so we can keep it our own little secret they are good.”  (Todd)

“AKA’s route is like a magic bullet.  The best thing is, they don’t keep changing their rates every week.  I don’t know how they do it and still remain so competitive.” (Sam)

Still not convinced?

Then download our rates and see for yourself.  Compare them to your other vendors prices.  MOST IMPORTANT, try out the service and experience the quality of our route.

Don’t wait, capacity is limited!

Our service demand is extremely high and we carefully manage our capacity.  Our existing clients are continuing to demand more and more capacity (yes, that’s how good the service is).  Get a taste of that capacity while you still can.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sign up, pay for and use $100 in traffic.  We are so confident that you will love this route, if you are not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever, we will give you your money back no questions asked.

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