April 7, 2014


AKA Management opened doors in 2011 with a team experience spanning a decade of telephony and VoIP accomplishments. Comparably new as a company we are long on knowledge and expertise covering all aspects of telephony. The team came together on a common goal;  establish a telephony company where enterprises big and small can have solid, stable, and consistently reliable means of running traffic across the globe.

As an ITSP, our purpose is providing high quality, pristine clear wholesale termination services without the twists and turns, tricks and hidden traps one experiences by so many other providers.

We have a remarkable high performance switching network, with a five nine’s record over the last three years. Our speed of service is stellar usually having a new customer provisioned and up and running within a few hours. And, our support crew take pride in resolving those problems often found in the field of termination.

We always deliver what is promised.

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